About Me

My photography career began in 2002 when just graduated with my Bachelors in Photography, but with limited experience, I was hired as a photographer and media assistant for the Cleveland Museum of Natural History. Over my 6-year tenure there, I had the fortune to work in close collaboration with curators, documenting their field work. This was my favorite part of my job. Learning about their research and translating that work through photography for museum visitors.

I started shooting weddings for friends and quickly realized how similar it was to my documentary work. I’m invited to witness an important day in a couple’s lives, which is an honor and a joy. I pursued shooting weddings regularly.

In 2010, I took a big risk. I gambled on myself and packed up my little apartment and cat in Cleveland and moved 500 miles east to Philadelphia for grad school. I continued shooting weddings in Philadelphia.

At weddings, I’m polite. I’m usually quiet. But I get loud when directing a rowdy bridal party. I can joke with the guys and laugh off spills when I trip stepping backward to frame a shot—which, thankfully doesn’t happen that often.

As my style evolves, my love for photography and wedding photography grows. I may get teary-eyed during a speech; I’ll laugh with the guests, and I’ll tell those emotional and light-hearted stories though the imagery.


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Address: 2136 E. Dauphin St. Suite 203, Philadelphia, PA 19125

Phone: (330) 256.3100
Email: liz@elizabethphoto.com